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Giveaway: Hope in the Rain by Sandy Sinnett

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As a little girl, Laci Kramer always found hope in the rain and believed that good things would follow it. But after losing her husband, she has trouble seeing the good in anything except her four kids and her job...until one rainy day when she boards a plane and something good sits
down beside her.

Mitch is from North Carolina and lost his wife a few years ago. And on that short flight, Laci becomes an unexpected surprise that he can’t resist. An old-fashioned courtship brings their love to life, but is it strong enough to last when threatened by her uncertain future?

Can Laci’s faith help her overcome the fear of what lies ahead and give Mitch her whole heart? Or will she let him go to spare him from repeating a horrible pain from his past.

Laci will lose hope in love, and life...until it rains.
(Taken from Goodreads)

Information (about book):
Author(s): Sandy Sinnett
Rating (On Goodreads): 4.67
Rating by EBR:
Release Date (Estimation): April 22, 2014
Information (about giveaway):
Start date: October 18, 2014
End date: November 8, 2014
Format of Prize: Paperback
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