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Featured Book: Beautifully Broken by Kira Adams

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Jacqueline Blunt hasn’t had an easy life. In fact, she’s had anything but. From a drug addicted mother to being bounced around in foster care, Jacqueline longed for one thing—normalcy. Lee Bennett had everything he could ever want—girls falling all over him, a dream job, money. The one thing he was missing? Passion.

Sometimes the ones worth fighting for don’t know their worth. Sometimes being broken is beautiful. This is a story of strength, courage, hope, faith, and love. This is Beautifully Broken.

Beautifully Broken is the second book in the Infinite Love series
. (Taken from Goodreads)

Title: Beautifully Broken
Author(s): Kira Adams
Average Stars (from Goodreads): 4.19


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked, incredulously.

To be honest, it hadn’t angered me in the slightest. It had just taken me off guard. In fact, I was positive Lee noticed me begin to kiss him back. But he had no right to be kissing me like that. We knew hardly anything about one another and I felt like he thought I was easy.

I mean, how many other girls had fallen for his smooth ways?

He rubbed his jaw, his facial expression a mix of shock and amusement; his hazel eyes shining even brighter. “You have one hell of a right hook.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. He looked so innocent, so powerless in the moment. I broke out into a round of chuckles. “Come on Smooth Operator, I’m going to show you where I live.” And with that I turned on my heel—leaving him wide-eyed and open mouthed behind me.

When we were both buckled in and on the road, Lee broke the silence. “You’re like the craziest girl I’ve ever met.” My heart dropped into my stomach.

This was it—he hadn’t even set foot in my state for longer than thirty minutes and I had already scared him off. I was really some kind of freak.

I slammed on my breaks, causing Lee’s body to jerk forward. He put his hands up to stop him from flying into the dashboard. “Just rip it off.” Was all I said as I stared at him, unable to move.

His eyes grew wider when he saw the lights of cars behind us. They were honking, swerving, cussing, and passing us. “Are you really going to sit here—in the middle of the road? You’re going to get us killed!” Real fear was emanating off his voice and it was enough to feel validated.

“If you’re going to break up with me—you should just do it now. Get it over with.” I looked him in the eyes this time.

“What? We’re not even dating...” Was all he could muster up in response. He was still nervously watching the commotion in the rearview mirror.

I had created quite the pile-up. Cars were flashing their brights, honking, and motioning me to get off the road.

I stifled a laugh and floored it out of there.

“You’re insane,” Lee said again, only this time it was in a low whisper.

I tore my eyes off the road to meet his, only to find mischief and mystery dancing across them. I might have been hallucinating, but I think I also saw Lee turned on. He kept biting his lip, and running his hand over his fuzzy shaved head.

“Pull over.”

“What?” I asked, puzzled as to what his motives were.

“Pull over,” he repeated in the exact same tone and I kid you not—I had never been more turned on in my life.

Before I knew it, I had taken his advice and we were parked outside a local park I used to frequent. It was late, around eight at night and it was dark; not pitch dark though. There were no patrons around. I put the car in park and was sure my heartbeat could be heard across the world.

Lee unbuckled his seatbelt when I parked and shifted in his seat to face me. “I’m not going to kiss you again until you ask for it.”

I looked at him, my jaw down to my knees. “What makes you think I would let you kiss me again?” It was all I had been fantasizing about since he had stolen the first kiss from me. It consumed my every thought. But I was not going to tell him that. I was going to remain strong.

“Oh, when I’m done with you—you’re going to be begging for it,” he said in the cockiest tone I had ever heard.

“Cocky much?” I asked, snidely.

“Confident,” Lee responded calmly, grinning back at me.

And then I could feel his warm breath in the crook of my neck, just below my ear, dancing on my skin. My breathing became shallow, and I wondered how he knew where my spot was instantly and the crazy things it would do to me.

If his lips or tongue made their way anywhere towards my neck I was a goner for sure. 

I was holding my own. My poker face had not wavered, but my madly beating heart and breathing were a dead giveaway.

“How ya doing over there?” Lee whispered in my ear.

“I’m fine, absolutely fine,” I gulped out, attempting to sound confident.

That’s when his lips found the bottom of my ear and he kissed it and gently sucked on it, causing me to literally bite my tongue off as I squealed with pleasure.

“What was that?” Lee asked, putting his ear to my mouth. His neck was irresistibly close and all I could smell was his intoxicating scent. A mix of his cologne and pure pheromones.

Lee backed up again and began nibbling my right ear. Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just me...

Thankfully he hadn’t messed with my deadly spot since he began his treacherous reign on my body. I would probably leave horny as hell—but a winner nonetheless.

I wondered if Lee was finding any pleasure at all from his torture raid on me and my body—but I could tell from his smile and chuckles that he was enjoying himself far too much.

“Still don’t want to kiss me?” Lee puckered his lips animatedly.

“Eww! I’d rather kiss a frog!” I made a stink face, pulling away from him, half-heartedly.

“Now you’re asking for it!” Lee squealed, heading straight for my neck. At first he was simply trailing it with his breath, close enough to drive me wild, yet not touching me. My whole body stiffened; my senses heightened. It was like he had found the jackpot. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

He didn’t waste any time trailing it with his fingers lightly in amazement how my body twitched and jerked from the simple touch.

He pressed his lips to my neck and I melted into him, breathing increasing, eyes fluttering shut.

I moaned loudly as his tongue slid up and down the base of my neck—my whole body was shuddering, my heart rate was off the charts, and my breathing almost to hyperventilating. I wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on mine again. To feel the roughness they had—the passion.

Then I felt his warm breath on my ear again. “You’re crazy Jacqueline.”

I looked at him with fire in my eyes.

“Straight up nut job,” he smiled.

I sat up straighter, getting more heated by the moment.

“But that’s what makes you so damn irresistible.” He ran his finger across my lips slowly, delicately, licking his own at the same time. He was staring at my lips—I was transfixed upon his.


I guess this means I lost.