Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Featured Author: Kira Tregoning

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About the Author:
Kira R. Tregoning is a language enthusiast, writer, and book lover. She graduated from the University of Maryland. An avid reader, she owns a large number of books, which somehow all fit under the same roof, and which span genres from historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy to classic fiction, Shakespeare, and the great novels. Her first book, "Rise of the Aligerai," was released Dec. 13, 2012. She also runs the book review blog Fantastical Reads.

Other Information:

Books Written:
  • Rise of the Aligerai (Book 1)
  • A Shadowed Soul
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Most Popular Book (by the ratings on Goodreads): Rise of the Aligerai (Book 1)
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