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Review of Greater than the Still by Sarah Dayan

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     Juliette Laredo never meant to leave an impression on anyone, but in a city of constantly intertwining lives, her impact is greater than she knows. On the brink of deciding to return to a stable career as a mental health counselor or follow her passion as a pastry chef, Juliette’s worries surface when she is faced with a life changing opportunity. 

     More than a dozen unique New Yorkers narrate their own perceptions and feelings of Juliette, as her story is told through their eyes. Greater Than the Still portrays the love, fears, and heartbreaks of New Yorkers as strangers and familiar faces peel back layers of Juliette’s life. It is through their crossed paths that change the course of Juliette’s future. (Taken from Goodreads)

Stars Given:★★★★☆

Overall View:
      Greater than the Stills was a truly unique book.  I have never seen or read a book like it.  The book looks at a different perspectives on a single character.  This is truly a unique book as I was given the opportunity to see the different views on Juliette.  The character is an illustration of the lives that people around the world could be going through.  The idea of choosing a career is hard.  As a student, I can see how sometimes my passions and my idea of a stable job is in conflict with each other.  People hang on the balance of future or passion all the time as they stumble through their lives.  I loved how this book mentions this.  It allowed me to connect to the character so much more.

      The reason as to why I gave this book four stars is because, in a way the style of the story was also a weakness.  I found it hard to focus on the book at the beginning.  I couldn't really pinpoint the area in which it made me lose concentration however, I found that it took me a while to get into a trance.  The trance, obviously, lasted until the end of the book as I got into the groove.  However, I was compelled to take a star off due to the beginning.  I have read many books of different genres where the beginning of the book was able to capture the reader at the first sentence.  

      Last but not least, I would like to say how beautiful the cover is.  It truly brings out the content of the book.  I'm a big fan of beautiful pictures so when I see a pretty cover its like the book is telling me to pick it up and read it.  

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