Friday, October 3, 2014


LGBT MONTH Review of Ghost Songs by Andrew Demcak

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It’s not easy being Todd Williams, a fourteen-and-a-half-year-old gay musical prodigy. The bullies, Bob and Ari, at his fancy private school make his life a living hell. Todd’s drunken, irresponsible mother, Eddie, constantly embarrasses him and puts his artistic future in jeopardy. And now, his best friend, Jennifer, who plays clarinet with him in the orchestra, isn’t speaking to him. Maybe Leroy, Todd’s friendly poltergeist, knows what’s going on with her. To top it off, he can no longer rely on Jennifer's help in the race to solve a puzzle that could lead to a buried treasure. Todd must learn to stand alone. He’s finding out that growing up is far scarier than he ever imagined. (Taken from Goodreads)

Stars Given:★★★★★

Overall View:
I have really enjoyed this book.  It took me just one day to finish reading the book, which doesn't happen often (I get distracted very easily).  I was very impressed with the character development because the book was fairly short.  I did not find any grammar mistakes, and the characters seemed very realistic to me.  Todd was definitely a likable character, which enhanced the book.  Although Jennifer wasn't exactly my favourite character, I did find that she matured in a different way from Todd near the ending.  Both of the experiences they had gone through, although very different, has allowed me to see the way their character was shaped and how they slowly matured from the beginning.  It disappointed me that Todd was betrayed by a certain character because, like Todd, I was pretty fond of his character.  This book is definitely one I will pick up again in the future.  A solid 5 stars is given to this book.  Thanks to the author who has provided me with this book, I am so grateful for being able to pick up this work of art.

Todd Williams -
Description of Character: Todd is a fourteen and a half year old musical prodigy.  He is bullied often by Ari and Bob, making his life at "McPrep" miserable.  His best friend, Jennifer, was the only person he could turn to, seeing as his single mother was an alcoholic, making it impossible for Todd and her to maintain a "normal" mother-son relationship.  Todd is interested in many different kinds of supernaturals, including ghosts.  Near the beginning, Todd and Jennifer had been reaching out to a ghost named Leroy, and soon after, Todd found out that Leroy isn't just any ghost.

Review of Character: I really loved Todd's character.  He was able to trust others easily, and he also played the flute! (Connection right there!)  His character was easy to love, mostly after seeing what he had to endure both at home, and at school, two places where we are supposed to feel protected and safe.  Todd's character has certainly developed.  From standing up to the bullies, to becoming best friends with Jennifer again, these situations had allowed to the readers to see the way Todd's character grew.  Not only was he strong, but you could also see his vulnerable side, showing two very different characters in him.  I certainly enjoyed the book, mostly because Todd was the main character (if it were Jennifer, I wouldn't have enjoyed this book as much as I did).

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