Sunday, October 26, 2014


LGBT MONTH Review of Caught in the Crossfire by Juliann Rich

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Two boys at Bible camp; one forbidden love.

That is the dilemma sixteen-year-old Jonathan Cooper faces when he goes away to Spirit Lake Bible Camp, an oasis for teen believers situated along Minnesota’s rugged north shore. He is expecting a summer of mosquito bites, bonfires with s’mores, and photography classes with Simon, his favorite counselor, who always helps Jonathan see his life in perfect focus.

What he isn’t expecting is Ian McGuire, a new camper who openly argues against phrases like pray the gay away. Ian is certain of many things, including what could happen between them if only Jonathan could surrender to his feelings. Jonathan, however, tosses in a storm of indecision between his belief in God and his inability to stay away from Ian. When a real storm hits and Ian is lost in it, Jonathan is forced to make a public decision that changes his life.
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Stars Given:★★★★★

Overall View:
This was a great book to end my weekend.  Although I didn't see the happy ending I was hoping to find (probably continued in the next book Search for Grace), the ending was quite pleasing to me.  I loved all of the characters, except for that one guy....(readers who have read the book may know who that one guy is...), but they all seemed very realistic, mostly their personalities and reactions to certain situations.  This pleases me because I love characters that reflect normal, real people.  This makes it easier for readers, such as myself, to become engaged into the book.  Another thing I like about this book is how to can easily reveal the plot, and solve it in such a thin book.  I was expecting it to carry onto the next book, but Jonathan and Ian did just get over their first relationship bump pretty quickly.  This leaves the readers to anticipate for more of Jonathan's and Ian's story.  If I ever have more time, I would definitely pick this book up again and read it.  This book holds a lot of potential so I am expecting the next one to be just as amazing.