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Guest Post: Diana L. Wicker

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Author: Diana L. Wicker

Ethereal Book Reviews is such a lovely name.  I am so excited that you have invited me to share one of my tales with your audience.  I am the Storyteller of Feyron.  I share the tales of lore with anyone who would like to listen. I think, when meeting a new audience for the first time, it is best to start at the beginning.  Wouldn't you agree?

So, for today's tale, let us start with a story from the Age of Beginnings.  The Realm of Feyron has always been.  It is the origin of all things magical, the axis point where all the worlds meet.  There was a time, in the beginning of days, when the worlds were not yet formed and the Faie did not yet exist.

The Keeper of Time

Swimming through the primordial sea, a black serpentine form glided effortlessly, strong muscles propelling her forward as the azure fin rippled along the length of her back flowing behind her in a graceful trail from the base of her tail. The vast expanse of the Unending Sea lay all around her. A milky haze swirled up from the depths mingling with the deep green water as the great leviathan turned her nose towards the deep caverns of black and followed the creamy swirls into the darkness.

Returning to her home in the Stoney Deep, she followed a soft blue light back to the great arch of black stone hidden at the very depths of her realm. The cold waters flowed around, over, and through the archway. As the light flickered, waxing and waning from nearly white to nearly black and back again, she coiled in its glow, the large fan of azure gossamer at the end of her tail spreading before her like a carpet. She watched the undulations as time flowed past. 

She had no words marking the passing of time, for there was no day or night in the darkness of the Stoney Deep. There was only Now and Could Be, for the future is not set in the stone of the deep. It ebbs and flows on the currents of change, always responding to the Now as it unfolds. She enjoyed watching the rhythm of nature, the swirling of the great gas clouds as they moved towards one another, merged, and reformed into something new. The hypnotic rhythm of the light lulled her to sleep and she dreamed about all that Could Be.

The aeons passed, but in time the flickering slowed to a pulsing, the heartbeat of countless stars as worlds took shape bathed in the milky haze that carried the Seeds of Life on the currents of time as they ebbed and flowed through the realms. The changing rhythms stirred her from her dreams and she watched the waves of creation wash over the newly formed worlds.

“Children.” The word floated through her mind like the haze that drifted through the gateway. 
The Could Be of a myriad worlds swirled in the mists before her. 

Slowly she unfurled, the azure fan trailing along the black rocks as she wound around the arch of the gateway, swimming in a slow spiral to the very top. While her realm often felt all encompassing and never ending, in truth there was sky above and a distant shore, but she was loath to leave the depths to seek it out. Her eyes shimmered gold as she searched for the Now of the other place where the milky currents originated.

A warm pool in a basin of black stone fed by a high mountain waterfall came into focus within the gateway, a gentle rain of pink petals showering over the surface of the milky water. The vision broadened revealing a carpet of lush emerald grass, a rainbow of delicate fairies fluttering from flower to flower on a gentle breeze within the meadow. Beyond the pool, mountains of crystal merged with an obsidian wall, both vanishing from sight in either direction. The leviathan passed through the True Gateway, riding on the currents of the swirling creamy haze, seeking out the Now of the hidden meadow.

Rising from the Sacred Pool beneath the tree that was clothed in pink, the small creatures of the meadow scattered before her sudden appearance, fleeing towards the misty forest. Her black scales an iridescent rainbow of colors in the morning sunlight, the great leviathan began to shimmer in a golden light as she moved towards the bank, finally stepping into the grass wearing a new form.


I hope you have enjoyed the tale. Thank you so much for letting me share it with your

audience. I do hope you will have me over to visit again.
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