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Featured Author: Sandy Sinnett

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About the Author:
Sandy Sinnett is the epitome of a hopeless romantic. At a very young age, from the very first TV episode of ‘The Love Boat’, she was hooked on the idea of the ultimate love story! Her passion for reading love stories, and a quiet addiction to Hallmark movies, now fuels her passion to write. 

Sandy was born in Mt. Vernon, IL. She did some journaling in high school and college, and filled several books of poetry during that time, but never had aspirations to write anything more. She met her husband, Monty, in college and started a family. Once the first baby was born, the journaling stopped and parenting began! The couple lived in Missouri for many years prior to her husband joining the Army in 2004. During her husband’s recent deployment to Afghanistan, Sandy felt the inspiration to write a short story, which eventually turned into her first novel.

Shortly after she completed the book, Sandy and her friend Laura visited North Carolina to celebrate and even attended a Hickory Crawdad baseball game. The team was very flattered to hear of Sandy’s mention of them in her book and her book will now be stocked in their team store.

Sandy currently works as a Marketing Specialist for a local bank and volunteers as an event planner for several local non-profit organizations in Olympia, WA. She lives with her husband and four kids. This is her debut novel and she is already at work on the sequel.

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  • Hope in the Rain
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Most Popular Book (by the ratings on Goodreads): Hope in the Rain 
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