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Featured Author: Brooke Passmore

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About the Author:
I love to smile and I rarely am in a bad mood, unless my dvr didn't record Vampire Diaries. I am someone who tries to see the beauty in all things. If you really knew me you'd know that I've been obsessed with writing stories ever since I could hold a pencil. Give me a story with a captivating romance whether it be a comedy, thriller, action, or drama and I most likely will have seen/read it already.  Writing is my life and passion and I can't see myself breathing in anything else that fabulous.  (Taken from

Other Information:

Books Written:
  • Scarlet Woods (Scarlet Woods Trilogy #1)
  • Scarlet at War (Scarlet Woods Trilogy #2)
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Most Popular Book (by the ratings on Goodreads): Scarlet Woods (Scarlet Woods Trilogy #1)
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