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Review of Tempestuous by Kim Askew and Amy Helmes

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Recently banished, unfairly, by the school’s popular crowd, former “it girl,” Miranda Prospero, finds herself in a brave new world: holding dominion amongst a rag-tag crew of geeks and misfits where she works at the Hot-Dog Kabob in the food court of her local mall. When the worst winter storm of the season causes mall workers and last-minute shoppers to be snowed-in for the night, Miranda seizes the opportunity to get revenge against the catty clique behind her social exile. With help from her delightfully dweeby coworker, Ariel, and a sullen loner named Caleb who works at the mall’s nearby gaming and magic shop, Miranda uses charm and trickery to set things to right during this spirited take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. (Taken from Goodreads)

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Surprisingly this book wasn't as boring as I thought. It started off slow. To be honest I didn't know too much about Shakespeare's Tempest. However, after reading this book it makes me want to read it now.
The book starts off rather slow in my opinion, however as the plot unravels with Miranda and her gang stuck in the mall, things start to grab my attention. The mystery was intriguing and made me want to solve the mystery before Miranda did. The characters were nicely developed and displayed the quality of the society. I love how Miranda didn't choose to go back to Brian,which showed that she changes from who she used to be.  Although Miranda's character was a bit cliched, overall, the characters were realistic and had unique personalities of their own.   I loved the way the story developed to the climax and the ending.  It was funny and enjoyable with a hint of mystery in it, which made it really hard to put down.  


Miranda - 
Description of Character: Miranda used to be the "it-girl" in the school.  With the hottest boyfriend and all the friends that she could ever want.  That was before the big incident that involved her.  Now she is working at Hot Dog Kabob to pay off the price that she needs to pay.  A little later in the book, she become handcuffed with Caleb.

Review of Character: Although Miranda was kind of a cliched character, with her former position  as the "it-girl", she still had some qualities that made her different from many other characters.  Although she was usually cold to the people around her, she still cared for her friends, like Ariel, which shows that she has learned and changed throughout the book.  Although she wasn't the perfect character that a book could have, she was still strong and willing to do what it takes to keep her friends safe, which makes her a likable character.  Overall, she is fit to be the main character of this fun filled book.

Caleb -

Description of Character: Caleb is the boy who Miranda meets when Ariel, her friend, introduces them to each other.  He works in the same mall as Miranda at the gaming and magic shop.  Later on in the story, because of an unfortunate incident, he becomes handcuffed with Miranda.

Review of Character: Caleb's character is very realistic.  He doesn't care about anything that has to do with popularity and stays reserved to himself.  His character has a strong personality and doesn't care what others think about him.  His character is probably my favourite character because of his boldness, which makes his character realistic.  Other than Miranda, he was the only other believable character, one that you could find when you walk out the door.

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