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Review of Amid the Roar by Tempest C. Avery

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Lily Bryg never thought she would end up magically locked away in Graindoth with Ronan. And actually kind of liking it. Now that she's bound to the castle for three days, he's let down some of his walls, giving her a look at a side of him she never knew existed. But how could she be starting to like the guy who not only ruined her life, but the lives of her friends as well? The fate of the entire realm rests with her, and in order to become the Dreamer of prophecy, Lily is going to have to start making choices she wouldn't have made only three months ago. Her fellow witches are trying to find a way to help her, while juggling their own love lives and the Rebellion at the same time. 

Add to the equation the fact she's still very much in love with both Devlin werewolves, and her traitorous bestfriend is living in the castle with her, and Lily's troubles just keep growing larger and larger. When in doubt Lily and her friends have always turned to magic for guidance, and now they're desperately struggling to form alliances with dragons and faeries before the final battle. She needs to figure out her heart, her soul mate, and decide once and for all how she plans on taking the throne. What kind of ruler she wants to be, and who she really wants to rule at her side. 
Demons and dark fey she can handle, but making a choice like this might just kill her. (Taken from Goodreads)

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Overall View:

I have already read both the first and second book, and I really wanted to continue and finish this trilogy because of how good I thought the previous books were.  This book did not fail me, like some books.  The description was so good, I even believed for a second that I was there, right beside Lily.  The characters were strong, although Lily broke down near the middle.  Everything was nicely written and described.  I felt almost every emotion that the characters did, crying when it was sad, laughing when they had the happiest moments together.  This story is recommended for many because of it's unique writing style.  Although this story may still sound a bit cliched, the writing turns that thought around, from the same old she's-just-the-gifted-one to I-am-never-putting-this-down kind of book/trilogy.


Lily - 
Description of Character:  A 17 year-old girl who was pulled into Bevain, her home from her past.  She is the leader of the four (or the six) and is the strongest out of all of them.  Like the others, she has lost her memories, and later, the people she loves.

Review of Character:  Lily has changed a lot throughout the three books.  In the first, she was strong and calm, although she has just arrived in Bevain and has no idea where she was. A lot of character development has taken place for Lily.  I can imagine what it is like to talk to her, personally, because of the great description from the author, Tempest C. Avery.  I liked her character in the first two books, but after book three, I had disliked her a bit in the middle, then I liked her again near the end.  Although she had a little breakdown about her love, I still believe that she is a strong character with a bog heart.

Ronan -

Description of Character:  Although he is evil, he still loves Lily (and Bran).  He has ruled Bevain for a long time and the only one destined to defeat him and take his crown is Lily.  But he has another way of thinking.  He believes that he is Lily's one and only soulmate.  In order to get her to admit her love for him, he kills others in order to reach his goal. 

Review of Character:  When I read the first book, I just thought Ronan was plain evil...and crazy!  After the second book, I warmed up to him and believed that he had a good side of him with a sad story.  In book three, my predictions were right.  When I read about his past and what he did for Lily, my heart dropped for him.  He was so sweet yet, he would never get him. Never.  What happened in the ending was sad.  I cried for him a little, knowing that he truly loved her and just wanted her to tell him she loved him back.  His character was one of the most developed one, which is the reason why I had felt his emotions as if they were my own.

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