Monday, September 15, 2014


Featured Book: Greater Than the Still by Sarah Dayan

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Juliette Laredo never meant to leave an impression on anyone, but in a city of constantly intertwining lives, her impact is greater than she knows. On the brink of deciding to return to a stable career as a mental health counselor or follow her passion as a pastry chef, Juliette’s worries surface when she is faced with a life changing opportunity.

More than a dozen unique New Yorkers narrate their own perceptions and feelings of Juliette, as her story is told through their eyes. Greater Than the Still portrays the love, fears, and heartbreaks of New Yorkers as strangers and familiar faces peel back layers of Juliette’s life. It is through their crossed paths that change the course of Juliette’s future.

Greater Than the Still is a novel that blends the powers of daily interactions with a universal human curiosity to understand other peoples’ lives. In a city of anonymity, curious onlookers paint pieces of a picture that forms Juliette as a whole. But no one knows her story better than she does.

Title: Greater Than the Still
Author(s): Sarah Dayan
Average Stars (from Goodreads): 4.00

I am going to read this book in exchange for an honest review.  I am, honestly, very excited to receive this book!