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Featured Author: Sarah Dayan

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About the Author:
Sarah Dayan is a self published author with a focus on literary fiction. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where from an early age, found herself writing stories about  the people and places in her diverse hometown. Sarah is an extensive traveler, having been to dozens of cities across the country and over 25 countries around the world.​

Sarah has blended her passions for writing and traveling at Toonari Post as a lead travel journalist. Various press trips have brought her to places such as Hawaii, New Orleans, Gettysburg, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Aside from traveling the country, Sarah has also covered events and restaurant openings in her hometown of New York City.

Greater Than the Still is Sarah's debut novel, inspired by the interconnections of people in New York City. A collection of short stories, with one overlapping story stretching the course of the novel, Greater Than the Still meshes the unique voices of people throughout the course of one day on the streets of New York.

Aside from traveling the world and writing about it, Sarah enjoys playing the piano and guitar, photography, and giving in to her natural sweet tooth.

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Books Written:
  • Greater Than the Still
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