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Giveaway: Strength by S.M. Welles

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When gods are confronted by problems they can't solve alone, they call upon mortals with supernatural abilities, called Aigis, to step in.

Seventeen-year-old Roxie Lohr has always wondered why her eyes glow different colours whenever she feels intense emotion.  Aerigo, a captivating Aigis, not only gives her the answer, but also whisks her away into a host of new problems.  Suddenly, Roxie finds herself thrust into exotic worlds, an unexpected romance, and a conflict between gods in which only they can decide the outcome...

Information (about book):
Author(s): S.M. Welles
Rating (On Goodreads): 3.79
Rating on EBR: ----
Release Date (Estimation): February 1, 2013
Link on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17410678-strength
Link to Review on EBR: ----

Information (about giveaway):
Start date: August 19, 2014
End date: September 9, 2014
Format of Prize: Ebook (through Amazon)
Information need to participate: 
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  • International 
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