Friday, August 15, 2014


Featured Book: I Know Lucy by Melissa Pearl

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Lucy Tate is on the run.  After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, she's spent five in hiding -- taking on different personas and faking her way through life.  The authorities can't be trusted, so she remains in the shadows, always one beat ahead of the man who is forever hunting her.  That is until she meets Zach Schultz, a senior at Monte Vista High and the one guy she can't bear to leave.  Suddenly her natural instincts to lie, steal, and run are overshadowed by something else...the desire to stay.  It's her one shot at a normal life.

Curious by nature, Zach is immediately drawn to the new girl at school.  How can a person look both confident and vulnerable all in the same moment?  Determined to learn more about her, he tries to get close, but is thrown into a world of lies and confusions,  The only thing that becomes apparent is that discovering the truth may get him killed.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Title: I Know Lucy
Author(s): Melissa Pearl
Average Stars (from Goodreads): 4.12