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Review of What I've Done by Jen Naumann

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Seventeen-year-old Lily Rossow is used to taking care of her burnout mother and 6-year-old sister Rose. But when her mother’s attempt to move the family to California only months before graduation goes horribly wrong, Lily faces the challenges of making a life for her and her sister in a new town while hoping her complicated past doesn’t find her. Things take an unexpected turn when two beautiful and helpful strangers come into Lily and Rose’s life. But nothing is easy for Lily. And when she uncovers a dark secret about these two mysterious men, she must make a life-altering decision-one that threatens to break the balance in an ancient battle between good and evil. (Taken from Goodreads)

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Overall View:
When I began reading the book, I had thought that it would be the same cliched book all over again.  A book that revolved around a girl who's life is completely falling apart, but then a knight with shining armour comes along to save her out of her own despair.  Guess what.  I was wrong.  There was a huge twist in the middle of the story (I won't say anything else), and that just kept me turning each page.  I'll give everyone a little hint, okay? Let's just say the good and bad are switched.  Don't understand that little hint? Read it.  You won't regret it.  This book contains excitment, a love story and an intense battle.  Who wouldn't want that? 


Lily - 
Description of Character
Lily had lost her father at a very young age, with only a mother who fools around all night, how could she survive?  When her mother's plan of escaping into California flows down the drain, Lily is expected to take care of not only herself, but her little sister Rose.  They change their identity and uncover a secret that no one would believe.

Review of Character
When i began reading the book, I had already loved Lily's character.  Even after Lily had gone through so much, she stayed strong and never fell apart.  Without anyone's help, she transformed both her sister and herself in order to stay under the radar.  Lily's determination also stood out to me.  Although she knew that it was dangerous, she still went after what she needed because she realized that Rose would need it.  If it weren't for Lily's strong and well-developed character, this book would have only gotten a 3.5.

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