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EBR Guest Review: Discovering Daniel by Nadine Christian (Angela Vasquez)

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EBR Guest Reviewer: Angela Vasquez

When a shocking memory surfaces that Ava McCoy can't understand, she looks for answers. With her parents and her Uncle Sam trying to convince her that she is only chasing dreams, she is determined to prove that they are wrong, the vision too vivid in her mind to be anything but truth. When her investigation reveals another world so shocking and yet so familiar, it feels as if the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together - with only one question left unanswered. Who is Daniel? The very memory of him draws her to the sea. Then, the ocean brings her the answer she's seeking. Daniel himself. United, Daniel and Ava must find out why everyone wanted to keep them apart - and who is now trying their best to do it again. They must find the answers - before they succeed. Before Ava loses Daniel all over again - this time, forever. (Taken from Goodreads)

Stars Given:(3 Stars)

Overall View:

***this book was given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews (Guest Reviewer Program)***

Well I have a hard time finishing this book, but we are not going to start with that.

Let's do something better.

Ava hasn’t seen Daniel, in a long time, she hasn’t even remembered the day she met him, but she remembers and never forget him. Now Ava is a 17 years old girl, she lives in the Pitcairn Islands, with her parents, and her uncle and aunt, but when her father gets sick again, and has to travel to New Zealand to receive treatment, she starts to think that maybe her life it's not that normal at all.

There's something missing about her such as the day when the accident happened, which she barely remembers.  When she starts looking, everything seems messy, including a boy named Daniel. But now, she knows why nobody wants to tell her the things she forgot, it's because it is
something bigger than she needs to know. She needs to find him, no matter the cost. When she does she can't believe it, Daniel it’s a mermaid or better mer-male. They can't see each other because that draws problems to each one of their worlds. But, after seeing him she know she can't stop. They fall in love with each other, but as a couple, it started to cause problems. Daniel loves his world and he’s not ready to leave it, and Ava would never ask him that. The mer-males can change their form from mermaids to “walkers “, but the female has one choice, is it mermaid or human.

But everything has its consequences, and Daniel and Ava had to deal with them. And sometimes the people you trust most are the ones who are making things happen. So, a journey starts and there’s no security about what can happen to neither of both.

I liked a lot of thing about this book, such as the relationship that Ava has with her family. We also got to see how  life is when you live on an island, and of course I loved the mermaid world, it was amazingly described.  The city of Zeno I mean wow, the transformation that they had to  go through to enter different worlds were so explicit, ouch!! It was a good book, perfect for teens, my deal is that it was really slow, and when things really started to happen, it was really quick, you didn't have time to digest everything. But it was good and had so much cuteness in the love they share. I liked that the decision that Ava made was deeply though about first and that she is not a dump girl that fall for the guy, it's more complex than that.

I will give it 3 stars because I love this couple and the whole mermaid world was well explained, I could imagine myself down there in the ocean.