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EBR Guest Review: Awakening Foster Kelly by Cara Olsen (Jill-Ann Guyette)

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EBR Guest Reviewer: Jill-Ann Guyette

If only a pile of wayward curls and the inability to stay on her feet were seventeen year-old Foster Kelly’s most pressing concerns. Unfortunately, stubborn hair and clumsiness is just the tip of it. It was only a mistake, but when at the age of five Foster is told “You don’t belong here” the result is one broken heart. These four carelessly spoken words have shaped and shadowed Foster, and now—a senior at Shorecliffs High School—she seeks the wallflower’s existence, denying herself the most casual of friendships, much too afraid that someone will see what Foster believes is certain: she does not belong anywhere – or with anyone. This reality would continue to suit her just fine, however . . .

Love has a long-standing history of undoing broken hearts.

Like a comet, an unexpected arrival knocks Foster out of the crowded, starry sky, sending her directly into the limelight. Exposed and afraid, she will attempt to regain anonymity; but it isn’t so easy now that someone is watching. He pursues this shy enigma, confronting Foster’s deepest fears head-on, and in the process falls wholly and completely in love with her. But there is something he is not saying; a secret capable of certain ruin. There are two probable outcomes: either he will break her heart once and for all, or he will heal it.

In the end, though, it is Foster who must decide if she is worth mending.
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Stars Given:(5 Stars)
Overall View:

***this book was given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews (Guest Reviewer Program)***

When I saw the length of this book(672 pages per GoodReads, 852 according to my tablet) I was immediately nervous. I began to worry it would be drawn out with more detail than necessary and that it would take me longer than normal to get through every page. Then I continued to turn the pages and I continued to fall into the story that is Foster Kelly.

I will admit that at times the amount of time it took to learn things about Foster seemed long winded, however, every single moment captured just how real this teenage girl “is”. We have all been Foster at one point or another, on the outside of the world and looking in. Never really being a part of things, just a shell of oneself. 

Just when I thought I had learned everything there was to know about Foster; from her relationship with her parents, friends, kids and especially Dominic; Olsen takes you to a place you didn’t know existed! Astounded is really the best way I can describe how I’m feeling after finishing this great read. I think Olsen said it best in “Awakening Foster Kelly” when she wrote “A mysterious object, a good book. It did that to you; made it almost painful turning the last page. Then it clung in your mind, like static, refusing to let go until another good book came along and gently weaved its undoing spell.”

Thank you Olsen for this unexpected OhMYGosh!! Now I must go and find myself another good book so I may undo this spell you have me under.