Monday, July 1, 2013


Kid's Thoughts: Review of Peanut & Fifi Have a Ball by Randall de Sève, Illustrated by Paul Schmid

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My cousins enjoyed the book, with its amazing, yet simple, illustrations.  This book was perfect for them to read, with the simple words that were sometimes repeated, in order to remind the child what each word meant or how to pronounce it.  This book also teaches kids that the best way to gain more friends (and toys) is to share.  Not only does this book have a moral to it, it also has a nice and simple problem.  The pro about that is the fact that you could let your kids think of a better solution for both Peanut and Fifi.  For example, they could suggest that they share the ball with each other instead of having to let Fifi try to get the ball from Peanut. (If that made any sense anyways)

*books with the label of "Kid's Thoughts" have been read and reviewed by two 7 year olds.  These reviews may not reflect on what your child/children may think about this book.