Monday, March 11, 2013


Book Promotion: Knight of the Purple Ribbon by Jennifer Layfferty

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The sweeping historic drama "Knight of the Purple Ribbon: A Novel (Baron de Graffenried's Colonial Adventures), inspired by the founding of New Bern, North Carolina, is filled with action, adventure nad romance.

Set in 1709, against the backdrop of Bern, Switzerland, the British court and colonial North Carolina, this a very human take about German and Swiss settlers struggling to carve out a civilization in the wilderness.

Based in part, on the memoir of Baron Christoph de Graffenried, the story follows Christoph, the charming black sheep of an aristocratic family who leads this band of religious refugees to the New World to form a settlement that will become North Carlolina's second oldest town.  He and his young English bride, who leaves her fiance to elope with Christoph, are fish out of water in this primitive environment where he has chosen to make a new beginning.

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Author: Jennifer Leigh Wells
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Average Rating (from Goodreads): 5.00
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