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Author Interview: Kathy Bosman

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About the Author:
I've been writing for about ten years now. I started off writing children's books.  Then my husband suggested that I try an adult novel. I enjoyed writing it so much, and it turned out to be a romance. That made me realise that I could bring my love of romance into my writing. My writing has evolved over the years from partial romance, to inspirational romance, historicals (which didn't work at all!) to sweet, contemporary romance.

I've also learnt that writing isn't just about writing - that so much thought goes into it, there's also the editing process which is actually even more work than the writing process, and lastly, once the book is out, there's promoting of your book.  But I love it!

Besides writing, I keep myself busy by homeschooling my three children (okay one is a teenager), tackling piles of laundry and dishes, making all sorts of food from scratch, and helping out with raising funds for the local Cubs and Scouts. Reading and watching romantic movies help me unwind.


What made you want to become a writer?
Even as a child, I loved writing and realised I may have a talent when I won a writing competition.  I’ve always enjoyed reading and stories. My desires changed as I grew up, but that seed was planted in my heart. It germinated when I was an adult and going through a time in my life when I lacked mental stimulation. I took a writing course and my writing evolved from there.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
My greatest inspiration started with C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia books. I wanted to write like him one day. As an adult, I enjoy reading romance and that inspires me. Another inspiration is my wonderful writing buddies from the Romance Writers of South Africa Group (ROSA.) And of course, my husband inspired my love of romance – he opened my heart to romance by bringing it into my life.

Other than writing books, what else do you do in your free time?

I love reading, especially romance – there must be a happy ending. I also enjoy fantasy novels.
When I have lots of energy, I enjoy doing crafts like knitting, sewing or making things with my kids.  Occasionally, I dabble in oil painting.

If you could work with another author, who would it be?

Possibly Katie Fforde or Rachel Haupt. What a privilege that would be!

What are major themes of your work?

I generally try to keep my books light and happy with a bit of symbolism interspersed inbetween but some of my recent books have a bit more conflict. My general theme is how love heals the hearts of those who find it in my novels.

Most of my novels are with characters who are pursuing a career goal in life and then love comes along. They are mostly set in South Africa, my home country.

What do you think people look for in a book?

There is such a vast variety of tastes. I know because I belong to a book club and everyone there looks for something different. One lady loves to get inside the criminal mind so she loves thrillers, the other one likes anything that’s out of the ordinary and unique, the other one enjoys fantasy and historicals, and I’m the romance girl. But essentially, every one of us wants to be held to the end and touched in some way by the book – either entertained, given food for thought, or touched in their emotions. Most of the readers will wade through a slow start but very few will enjoy a poor ending.

Are there any recent works you admire?

I read so many good books that I find that really hard to say. I’m totally taken with Ted Dekker’s “The Circle” series. Besides that, I love Katie Fforde, Rachel Haupt, Romy Sommer and Jennifer Shirk’s books.
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