Review Policy

Hey authors!  Thanks for wanting EBR to review your books.  We are getting a lot of requests to review different book and so I had to slow down the process by creating this "Review Policy" page.  Please read carefully before you contact us or sign up below for a review.

Because of high demands, we are currently on accepting the following:
- Contemporary Romance
- Dystopian
- Historical
- Fantasy
- Paranormal
- Children's Picture Book

Genres We Don't Review:
- Erotica
- Religious (Christian, etc.)

Getting the right format has always been a problem with EBR, so please read this carefully.  Right now, we are only accepting paperback copies.  If your book doesn't have a paperback version of it, please read the following carefully:
Formats we accept: paperback, ePub, mobi
Formats we CAN NOT accept: PDF

About EBR:
- Two people are operating this site so the stars/ratings that you get may depend on who is reading it
- If you are sending a paperback copy, you DO NOT have to send us two copies, but we will finish faster if two copies are sent to us.
- We are people too, and we have lives outside of blogging.  If for some reason we don't get a review done 4 weeks after we get the book, please email us ONCE
- If you expect us to help you review your book, please note that we do not need rude authors to email us
- Please contact us by clicking the mailing button on the top of our page
- Our address will be provided to you in the email
- Your email and any other information WILL be confidential unless you want it to be posted on our blog
- If you have a blog or a website, we would really appreciate it if you could put our button on it and advertise the review for at least one day
- Note that the reviews may change or be posted twice if we both decide to read the book

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