Book Covers (NEW PROMOTION!!!)

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Ethereal Book Reviews is all about helping authors get exposure with a nice deal along the way.  If you are looking for a cheap, yet high quality, cover artist, continue reading below and see if you qualify for our new promotion!

As said before, EBR is dedicated to giving/finding our authors great deals, whether it is for promoting your book or getting yourself a high quality book cover, we will find the greatest deal for you possible!  We have found good quality cover artists that have created a promotion, in collaboration with EBR to make things cheaper.

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Promotion Information:
Get 10% off your purchase when you buy from the cover artist (Only cover artist that have "PROMOTION" specified)!  Get an extra 5% off by referring your friends to the cover artist (they must buy a cover from the cover artist).

How to get the promotion code:
In order to get 10% off, you will need to get a promotion code from Tiana at Ethereal Book Reviews.  Refer three friends to our blog (and make sure they follow!), then email the staff at Ethereal Book Reviews to obtain your promotional code!  Make sure you mention who your friends are.  After getting your promotional code, email the cover artist you wish to choose and include your promotional code below. 

For an extra 5% (or more) off, refer one friend to the cover artist (they must buy a cover) and email either the EBR staff or the cover artist telling them that you have referred a friend and you are part of the EBR promotion program.  After that, enjoy your cover!

Name: Roxy Hartwell (PROMOTION)
Email: roxyhartwell@gmail.com

About Me:
Hi, I’m Roxy, and I love pretty things. Good aesthetics are what I’m always chasing in life, I’ve always had higher standards than my friends for what looked good. Ages ago, I only used Photoshop to edit selfies (back then we still called them “pictures of yourself”). In time, I realized I could do much more than that, I could make things beautiful. It was almost like magic, having that power. And so my passion for design began.

Recently, my partner and I have decided to dip our toes into self-publishing, and subsequently, cover design. I feel like I finally found my niche. People do judge books by their covers, and a cover totally makes or breaks a book. Making a good design to encompass a story is a privilege and an honor.

I have pre-designed covers on my website, and I’m also available for custom work for great rates. Let’s work together!


Name: Lori Follett (PROMOTION)*

About Me:
I have been in the graphic design industry since 2000.  I studied graphic design at Seminole State College and have worked for countless clients doing corporate freelance design ranging from web design, business cards, logo and corporate branding, brochures, flyers, ads and more.  This year, I shifted my focus to the book cover design scene and I have to admit I am having far more fun than I ever did in traditional design.  The authors I have had the privilege to work with have been nothing short of amazing.  I have always had a passion for books and now I get to work with authors!

I live in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan which is just north of Detroit with my husband, 2 teenage boys and my Ragdoll and Maine Coon kitties (Jack and Leeloo) and snakes. (Yes, I said snakes!) I spend my free time (what little there is!) gaming on the Xbox with my husband and boys and reading. I'm pretty crafty, though I don't get to do it as often as I like, and I love to cook.

*The promotion does NOT include any pre-made covers or hosting services.


Name: Jack Baker (PROMOTION)
Email: jackbaker1991@hotmail.co.uk

About Me:
Hello, my name is Jack Baker. I am a digital artist based in Cornwall, England.  I have been creating artwork for as long as I can remember, but I switched over to digital painting for my illustration pieces in early 2013.

Other than studying art briefly back when I was at school I have been completely self-taught. I went to college to study music technology but discovered this wasn’t the path for me. I dropped out after my first year to pursue my career in illustration.

Now I am concentrating on going down the book cover design and illustration route. I have a love for books and I am a keen reader. I believe the cover of a book can really sell the story.

I have experience working along side a variety of clients producing quality work that they’re happy with. I focus mainly on creating landscape, portrait, sci-fi and fantasy digital paintings. Because my work is digital I am fast and affordable.

So lets work together! My contact details are listed feel free to get in touch any time. It would be a pleasure to hear from you.