Angela Vasquez


My name is Angela Vasquez.

I'm 17 years old. I'm from Venezuela, South America, I'm a middle child, I don't know why is this relevant, i play the violin since I have 7 years old, in really into music, I have a huge obsessions. I hear all kinds of genres, people thing that just because I play the violin I will not like the "normal stuff" it's not like that. Music it's a big part of my life but it's more a hobby than something I wanna do for the rest of my life. For my it's just a way to scape.

I'm currently not study, I'm  going to the university this year, to study medicine, it's my dream to become a doctor some day, i have dreamed about this since I was in diapers.

But what i most like to do it's to read, I just love to lose in book, and that my life disappears, all the problems, all the stress it just goes away and I'm no longer Angela, I'm somebody else.

I like young adult books, thrillers, contemporary, classics, romance, almost all kinds, almost. I have this crush for the books of Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher and Jessica Sorensen.

I kind of like books about people who are in pain, not like I'm a sadistic person, it's just that I like to read about people who is in the bottom of their life and they have to work for being on top. It's inspiring.

Of course nobody have the luck of read always great books, you will never find the perfect book, so I'm really critical about them. What can I say I'm passionate.

Anyways I will mean the world for me to be one of the guest reviewers, I write reviews on goodreads, I really enjoy it.
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